We appreciate you choosing Soublis Psychological Associates to help you and your family. We look forward to working collaboratively with you to achieve the goals you desire for yourself or your loved one.

Prior to your initial session, our office manager will send you a detailed email with instructions for your intake session, as well as paperwork attached for completion. If the client is a minor, please have a parent or legal guardian complete the documents. Completing this paperwork will expedite your first visit with us.


Soublis Psychological Associates do not participate with any insurance companies. Most companies provide “out-of-network” benefits for non-participating providers. This means you will pay the agreed upon fee at the time of service and you will be provided with the documentation required by most insurance companies for reimbursement.

It is highly recommended that you contact your insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment to determine how much you will be reimbursed. Please check with your insurance company and ask the following questions:

Call the Member Services phone number on your insurance card.

If your insurance company has a separate phone number for Mental Health or Behavioral Health, call that instead.

Ask to speak with a customer service representative.

Request information for Outpatient Mental Health benefits.

Have the customer service representative explain your “In-Network” and your “Out-of-Network” benefits. Soublis Psychological Associates are out-of- network providers.

Ask the following questions:

  • Testing: Ask for information regarding a “psychological evaluation.”
  • Deductibles: How much will you have to pay before the insurance company will begin paying? After the deductible is met for testing/therapy sessions, at what percentage will they cover the remainder of the services?
  • Fee caps: Some companies will only pay out up to a certain dollar amount regardless of the fee charged by the psychologist.
  • Session limits: How many sessions are covered per calendar year?
  • Diagnoses covered: Are there particular diagnoses that are not covered?
  • Claims address: What is the mailing address where claims must be sent in order to get reimbursement?
  • Preauthorization requirements: Is preauthorization is required for outpatient mental health? If yes, what is the process is for obtaining this? Also, are treatment plans necessary for continued treatment?
  • Providers: Is it possible to meet with a provider that I choose and submit receipts for reimbursement?
  • Forms: What forms are required for filing? Where can I get those forms?
  • Telehealth: Do my benefits cover telehealth services (online counseling)?

How much do your services cost?

Services provided by Soublis Psychological Associates vary depending on the type of service you are requesting. Our office manager will discuss our rates for therapy and/or evaluations in detail your first phone call.

If you wish to be reimbursed by your insurance company, it will be your responsibility to submit the paperwork.

Payment is expected at the time of service. Soublis Psychological Associates accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards.

Therapy Appointment Fees:

Intake Appointment (90 minutes) $240 – $395

Therapy Session (45 minutes) $140– $225

Therapy Session (60 minutes) $186– $300


Academic Evaluation $1500 +

Psychoeducational/Psychological Evaluation $2250 or 2900 +

Other Fees:

Phone Consultation Per 15 minutes $55 – $75

Report Writing, Preparation of Records, Etc. Per 15 minutes $55 – $75

Legal Preparation, Consultation, Testimony $300-$500

Returned Check Fee $30

Cancelled/Missed Appointment Fees (Less than 24 hour notice) $140- $225